San’Dei’Jun is an independent publishing house based in California. We provide space for creativity to spring forth from grass-roots of our communities and fertilize our collective soil of mind and heart.

We believe that access to such spaces, where stories wanting and needing to be told can reach wider audiences, is imperative for seriously needed social change.

Voices of those who don’t have the ear of mainstream channels of distribution: prisoners, the many who continue to face numerous obstacles after being imprisoned and so many others marginalized through racism, sexism and economic inequity to be aired will not be contained!

Our motto, “Books about, for and by everyday people” expresses this vision.

Dissatisfied with arrangements being offered by conventional publishing houses, the trio decided to pursue an independent path by which to put Willie’s six novels into print.

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In 2011, the venture of San’Dei’Jun evolved from a hopeful concept and dream of its founders, Sandra Redmond, Deirdre Wilson and Willie Redmond, to an entity satisfying the myriad legal and logistical requirements of ‘doing business’.

By September 2012, we have two books in print. Both have received 5-Star reviews. Collaborative work with several inspired and pioneering artists has brought forth treasures we are honored to share.